Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New Strategy About The SEO And How To Get Rank Fast?

techvision solutionHello Friends, i found the new blog about the new strategy about the SEO and how to get rank fast.
Search engine optimization was once just a tactic some webmasters used to make their webpages more popular within the search engines. Nowadays, it is a strategy everyone has to use if they want a good rank and be safe from Google’s Panda. The dividends are possibly greater than any advertising budget could provide, since a good ranking means steady traffic coming to your site. Read the following paragraphs for new SEO strategies to rank your site.
Make sure the HTML on your website is properly coded. Even if the actual pages load into a browser and look just fine on your computer, there are varying degrees of quality coding. Search engines look at website quality and do judge some webpages to be too amateurish or even garbage, and don’t bother to index these pages at all. Run your code through an online utility that cleans it up, or have a programmer look it over.
Make sure the right Meta tags are used on your site. Do not try to use these to latch onto trendy keywords that have nothing to do with your site. If you sell home baked cookies, your Meta tags need to be relevant to this. You cannot list the latest heartthrob actor or trending musician and expect to get search traffic from that. Search engines check for relevance.
Put links on your website to sites that are related to yours. Doing this helps search engines determine that your website has relevant information searchers can use. Even put links pointing to your competitor sites if they fit contextually. One link to them is not going to push them past you in the rankings. They are living and dying by their own search engine optimization efforts. However, when you can, get backlinks from the sites you link to.
Have a good sitemap set up for your webpage. Search engine spiders do not automatically find every page on the Internet when they go roaming for pages to index and rank. A sitemap has links to all your primary content, so a search engine spider can easily find your entire website and rank it.
Make sure you are doing some kind of social media marketing. Even if you are not finding that much success in this area, every post, tweet or status update containing a link to your site helps your SEO efforts. Search engines do count the total number of links, but they also look at recent and fresh links, so constant updates are required here.
Make sure that you update your content with regularity. Search engines consider fresh, current and relevant results to be of the most value to their users. If your page is static and has not been updated in a year or so, your other SEO efforts won’t do you much good.
A Few Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Online Business
If you have an online business, you need to develop a good search engine optimization campaign to improve your presence on the internet. Do not limit your SEO campaign to your main website. You should also optimize your mobile website, social networking profiles, YouTube videos, message board, your articles featured on article directories, and your blog. Use the same keywords on all these pages and create optimized links from one page to the other. Keep track of which links are the most visited and make sure you integrate your latest content into your network of links. If you develop a good SEO campaign for all your pages, your YouTube page or your blog will rank in search results as well.
You have probably come across services offering to draw more traffic to your site for a fee. You should not spend money on these services unless you are sure the service will draw targeted traffic to your site. Read reviews of different services and go through the terms and conditions of the contract you enter into. Choose a service with a good reputation and give as many details as possible about your target audience. Keep in mind that you can develop a good SEO campaign without spending money on ads or banners.
You need to structure all your content intelligently through links. Your main site should be well-organized and easy to navigate. Create site-wide links to your most important pages. You can organize these links in a menu or draw attention to your main pages with a banner. Your old articles should be organized into an archive. If you have a blog, choose a blogging platform that will provide you with the tools you need to structure your content efficiently and integrate this content into your site thanks to well-optimized links.
You should keep track of your results so that you can keep on improving your SEO campaign. Use a traffic counter and look up certain keywords on search engines to see how your content is ranked. If you find that the link to your homepage placed on your Facebook profile gets a lot of clicks, you should place more links on this profile to draw traffic to some of your product pages. You might find that your site ranks higher for certain keywords, but that the competition is tougher for others. Stay up-to-date with what your competitors are doing with their SEO campaign and adapt yours so your site remains competitive.
Creating quality content is the most important thing for the success of your online business. If you are able to write quality articles or create excellent videos, people will share this content, which means more back-links to your site or blog. Visitors will come back to your site if they know they can find quality content or if they subscribe to your newsletter or social networking updates. The popularity of your site will directly influence your ranking in search results. No matter how good your other SEO techniques are, your site will not be successful if you do not create quality content.
The concept of search engine optimization is not optional if you are serious about having a popular website that gets visitors, traffic and hopefully business from search engines. The results are just too important to ignore. Fortunately, you can do some things about it on your own or make specific requests of a professional to help you. Those specific ideas were listed in this article, so you now know what to do!
I got this information form http://www.seo-news.com/new-seo-strategies-to-rank-your-site/ this URL and i feel that it should be share to anyone who want know more about the new SEO strategy.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Decorate Your home Using Fashionable Wooden Surfboard with Surfboard Art

Surfboards – The tool for surfing. If you think that surfboards are just for surfing then think twice. Surfboards can be used in many innovative and creative works. Decoration, Home decoration is one of them.

Home decoration is an important part of home beautification. Actually our home reflects our way of thinking.  When the word decoration comes to our mind we go through the beautiful imaginations.
Here I am going to discuss about the decorations using some innovative art like surfboard art.
Using surfboards you can give your home beach theme based look which is in present is the most liked and unique decoration in itself.

At present there is a wide range of surfboards are available in market like redwood surfboards, Alaia surfboard  grown in managed forests and many more.

How Can You Use Surfboards In Decoration

1.       You can use wooden surfboard  in the decoration of walls as surfboard wall art.
2.        Can use the unused surfboards as furniture like to make chairs, name plates to hang them in your courtyards and porches.
3.       You can use them as key holder, towel racks.
4.       Other than this you can use them as paddles in boating.
5.       Last but not the least you can take use of them as bookends and cutting boards.

Now with doing all these you can make your home like a beach house. And can feel the joy of having a beach at home.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Yahoo Brings Back Tabs To Its Mail

Yahoo appears to be trying to win back a shred of favorability with Yahoo Mail users, announcing that it is bringing back its tabs feature.

There have been numerous gripes with Yahoo’s recent redesigns, and the lack of tabs has been a big one. After a lengthy service outage disaster, users could certainly use some good news.

Yahoo’s Jeff Bonforte writes on the Yahoo Mail blog, “When we launched the new version of Mail in October, we removed Tabs. One of the things you told us that annoyed you about tabs is that the more you had open, the harder they were to manage, and you wanted multitasking to be easy. With your feedback, we launched Recent view to help you jump between emails, drafts and search results more easily, but many of you still missed tabs. So we’re bringing back tabs, but this time, they’re a bit smarter.”
You can turn on the new tabs by going to View, then Multitasking, then Tabs.

Yahoo News Updates

“Now here’s the cool part,” says Bonforte. “Sometimes when you have a lot of tabs open, it’s hard to find the one you want. We’ve fixed that. In the tab menu (under the arrow icon after the last tab) you will see an option to Preview All. Open a few tabs and see how it works. And there is a very handy keyboard shortcut for this feature. Hit the ‘esc’ key. Your screen will clear off (we call this ‘boss mode’). There is a little icon in the bottom left corner that looks like a set of squares. Click that and now when you enter the boss mode, you will see all your tabs in a preview mode.”
The company says the feature will be available to all users globally over the next few days.

As far as the service issues are concerned, it’s unclear how many people are still having problems. Yahoo’s latest update on the subject came on Thursday, when it said it’s reaching out directly to all users affected by the outage. They encourage users to contact Customer Care and give a phone number.

From the sound of it, the Customer Care line has been giving users even more problems.

“We’ve heard that some users are experiencing longer wait times than usual,” Yahoo says. “We appreciate your patience while we work through a large volume of calls. We are adding agents quickly to support this large volume of calls.”


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Get Bucks From Paid Writing

What if you could make a few bucks in your spare time from the internet? Isn’t it great? Yes it is. Your skills can give you good money at all from the internet. Writing can make a few bucks every day for you. Most of the webmasters and also blogs look for the creative writer. Maintaining a blog is sometimes difficult for the people but they are passionate about the writing, they can try paid writing on few website Weblogs, Helium or PayPerPost.


Writing needs a good command over language. If you are really serious regarding to writing then you can become a copy editor. Webmasters pay a copy editor to read their articles and correct sentence fragments, grammatical errors and spellings.

If you are good writer also you have skill in which you are experienced in then also you can try for writing blog for that particular category. You can go for Ebook writing as well.

A list of the websites to make money online through writing:

1.      Associated content(Yahoo)

2.      Helium

3.  The Examiner

4.   Freelancer.com

5.   Elance

6.   Odesk

7.   Fiverr

There are thousands of sources are available for the writing you can try them because these are few. Take your writing skill to the next level and earn free money online.




Sunday, 15 December 2013

Make Free Money Online Through Blogging and Adsense

Everyone wants to earn extra, something that makes their life more sophisticated and more comfortable. Internet and online world is now becoming part of the way of free money online. Internet now has lots of opportunities to make free money but the amount of money to earn depends on the effort and time invested. Let’s discuss Blogging to make money online:
Blogging come first in all the ideas of making money online. You don't need to have a website. There are a number of websites or platforms which provide a blogging platform like Wordpress, Blogger. You just need to give five minutes to create a blog. You will just have to sign up for a platform even you don't have to know about the web development and web design. After that you can set up Google Adsense and can display ads and getting paid when people click on the ads. You just need to have good traffic on your blog for that write well with interesting topic also you can suggest it on social media with your friends. Also there are few alternatives available like Google Adsense. Here it is:
a. Adbrite.com
b. Clicksor.com
c. Kontera.com
d. Infolinks.com
e. Chitika.com
f. Bidvertiser.com
g. Valueclickmedia.com
h. Text-Link-Ads.com
i. Tribalfusion.com
j. Eclickz.com
These all are best alternative of Google Adsense and should be taken in consideration. If you really passionate about blogging you can try all these ways of making free money online. In the next post we will discuss how you can use the blogging and what the criteria for getting approval are.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Quick Recovery From Google Penalty

Google has shared some advice in a new Webmaster Help video about recovering from Google penalties that you have incurred as the result of a time period of spammy links.

Now, as we’ve seen, sometimes this happens to a company unintentionally. A business could have hired the wrong person/people to do their SEO work, and gotten their site banished from Google, without even realizing they were doing anything wrong. Remember when Google had to penalize its own Chrome landing page because a third-party firm bent the rules on its behalf?

Google is cautiously suggesting “radical” actions from webmasters, and sending a bit of a mixed message.

The company’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, took on the following question:

How did Interflora turn their ban in 11 days? Can you explain what kind of penalty they had, how did they fix it, as some of us have spent months try[ing] to clean things up after an unclear GWT notification.
As you may recall, Interflora, a major UK flowers site, was hit with a Google penalty early this year. Google didn’t exactly call out the company publicly, but after reports of the penalty came out, the company mysteriously wrote a blog post warning people not to engage in the buying and selling of links.

But you don’t have to buy and sell links to get hit with a Google penalty for webspam, and Cutts’ response goes beyond that. He declines to discuss a specific company because that’s not typically not Google’s style, but proceeds to try and answer the question in more general terms.

“Google tends to looking at buying and selling links that pass PageRank as a violation of our guidelines, and if we see that happening multiple times – repeated times – then the actions that we take get more and more severe, so we’re more willing to take stronger action whenever we see repeat violations,” he says.

That’s the first thing to keep in mind, if you’re trying to recover. Don’t try to recover by breaking the rules more, because that will just make Google’s vengeance all the greater when it inevitably catches you.

Google continues to bring the hammer down on any black hat link network it can get its hands on, by the way. Just the other day, Cutts noted that Google has taken out a few of them, following a larger trend that has been going on throughout the year.
Google penalty recovery

The second thing to keep in mind is that Google wants to know your’e taking its guidelines seriously, and that you really do want to get better – you really do want to play by the rules.

“If a company were to be caught buying links, it would be interesting if, for example, [if] you knew that it started in the middle of 2012, and ended in March 2013 or something like that,” Cutts continues in the video. “If a company were to go back and disavow every single link that they had gotten in 2012, that’s a pretty monumentally epic, large action. So that’s the sort of thing where a company is willing to say, ‘You know what? We might have had good links for a number of years, and then we just had really bad advice, and somebody did everything wrong for a few months – maybe up to a year, so just to be safe, let’s just disavow everything in that timeframe.’ That’s a pretty radical action, and that’s the sort of thing where if we heard back in a reconsideration request that someone had taken that kind of a strong action, then we could look, and say, ‘Ok, this is something that people are taking seriously.”

Now, don’t go getting carried away. Google has been pretty clear since the Disavow Links tool launched that this isn’t something that most people want to do.

Cutts reiterates, “So it’s not something that I would typically recommend for everybody – to disavow every link that you’ve gotten for a period of years – but certainly when people start over with completely new websites they bought – we have seen a few cases where people will disavow every single link because they truly want to get a fresh start. It’s a nice looking domain, but the previous owners had just burned it to a crisp in terms of the amount of webspam that they’ve done. So typically what we see from a reconsideration request is people starting out, and just trying to prune a few links. A good reconsideration request is often using the ‘domain:’ query, and taking out large amounts of domains which have bad links.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going and removing everything from the last year or everything from the last year and a half,” he adds. “But that sort of large-scale action, if taken, can have an impact whenever we’re assessing a domain within a reconsideration request.”

In other words, if your’e willing to go to such great lengths and eliminate such a big number of links, Google’s going to notice.

I don’t know that it’s going to get you out of the penalty box in eleven days (as the Interflora question mentions), but it will at least show Google that you mean business, and, in theory at least, help you get out of it.

Much of what Cutts has to say this time around echoes things he has mentioned in the past. Earlier this year, he suggested using the Disavow Links tool like a “machete”. He noted that Google sees a lot of people trying to go through their links with a fine-toothed comb, when they should really be taking broader swipes.

“For example, often it would help to use the ‘domain:’ operator to disavow all bad backlinks from an entire domain rather than trying to use a scalpel to pick out the individual bad links,” he said. “That’s one reason why we sometimes see it take a while to clean up those old, not-very-good links.”

On another occasion, he discussed some common mistakes he sees people making with the Disavow Links tool. The first time someone attempts a reconsideration request, people are taking the scalpel (or “fine-toothed comb”) approach, rather than the machete approach.

“You need to go a little bit deeper in terms of getting rid of the really bad links,” he said. “So, for example, if you’ve got links from some very spammy forum or something like that, rather than trying to identify the individual pages, that might be the opportunity to do a ‘domain:’. So if you’ve got a lot of links that you think are bad from a particular site, just go ahead and do ‘domain:’ and the name of that domain. Don’t maybe try to pick out the individual links because you might be missing a lot more links.”

And remember, you need to make sure you’re using the right syntax. You need to use the “domain:” query in the following format:


Don’t add an “http” or a ‘www” or anything like that. Just the domain.

So, just to recap: Radical, large-scale actions could be just what you need to take to make Google seriously reconsider your site, and could get things moving more quickly than trying single out links from domains. But Google wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it.

Oh, Google. You and your crystal clear, never-mixed messaging.

As Max Minzer commented on YouTube (or is that Google+?), “everyone is going to do exactly that now…unfortunately.”

Yes, this advice will no doubt lead many to unnecessarily obliterate many of the backlinks they’ve accumulated – including legitimate links – for fear of Google. Fear they won’t be able to make that recovery at all, let alone quickly. Hopefully the potential for overcompensation will be considered if Google decides to use Disavow Links as a ranking signal.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Get the Most Effective Face Painting Melbourne

In all the countries, the expenditure on entertainment is increasing on a rapid rate. Similarly, in Melbourne the expenditure on entertainment is also increasing on a rapid rate. There are many different kinds of functions and funky parties held in Melbourne where one needs to dress in a funky manner and also paint their faces. The face painting Melbourne is an outstanding activity which one can keep in their parties in order to increase the excitement in guests attending the parties. There are many different theatres and dramatic functions being held in Melbourne in which the activity of face painting is held. Also in the birthday parties children love face painting as this makes them dress like ghosts and animals. This helps in exciting the children thereby making the parties a success. In order to get a professional face painter, one should plan to search for the best and most effective firms who are engaged in the activity of face painting. Also this is considered to be a corporate entertainment process, so it is highly important to hire the best and a professional face painter. In order to get in touch with the most effective face painter one needs to keep in mind the below mentioned tips.

Talk to the artists and ask for samples

In order to get in touch with the most effective face painter for effective face painting Melbourne, it is highly important to talk to the artists in personal and ask for their experience in the same field. It is also important to talk to them before hiring them as this would make them friendly. In other words, the artist being hired for the face painting process should be friendly as they would be interactive with your guests.  Also checking out some of the samples of the work done by the artists in the past is considered to be a great idea as this would help in knowing about the designs the artists can make.

Ask what kind of paints they will use

At the time of hiring a face painter for corporate entertainment, it is important to ask the kind of paint the artist would be using. Normally, the tempura and acrylic paints are not recommended for face painting as this might harm the skin and are also not FDA certified. At the time of face painting, it is highly important to check the kind of paint being used as only hygienic and good quality paints are recommended to be used. Only FDA and child safety certified paints are used for face painting Melbourne as they are polyester and dust free and do not damage the skin of the face.

Ask what kind of faces they paint


Another important factor one should keep in mind at the time of hiring an artist for the corporate entertainment is to ask them what kind of faces they will paint. Normally, full and half faces can be painted in around 3 to 7 minutes. But the cheek art takes around 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the design selected. 

How to Select Hairdresser Melbourne

In this fast growing world, it is very important to stay in shape and also go with the style and fashion. Moreover, it is important to get the most effective and stylist hair style when going for a party. The hairdressers Melbourne cbd are present in Melbourne to provide the best and most attractive looking hair styles. Some of the ways and tips with the help of which you can hire the most effective and experienced hairdresser Melbourne is:

Ask relatives and friends

In order to get in touch with the most effective and experienced hairdressers St. Kilda is to talk to relatives and friends. Many times, taking advice from family and friends works as they prove to provide effective advises.

Stalk your stylist

If you have already selected your hair stylist and now plan to get the most effective hair styles from them, then stalking them is considered to be a great idea. Praising your hair stylist or hair dresser would help in increasing their confidence with the help of which they manage to provide the most effective hair styles to you.

Check the internet

In order to get complete information related to hairdressers Melbourne cbd, one can search on the internet. With the fast growing world, the use of internet is also increasing on a rapid rate. More and more people prefer to do everything on the internet. Similarly, in order to get the most effective hair stylist who can provide outstanding hair styles, one can check the internet. Internet is a place where one can find information related to everything easily and with the ease of sitting at home. So for getting in touch with the most effective hair stylist one should check the internet.

Do not get the same hair style

There are many different hairdressers St. Kilda available who can provide different kinds of attractive looking hair styles. But it is recommended and advised to change the hair style on regular basis in order to change the appearance. Moreover, it is also recommended not to stick to a hair style one has seen in a newspaper or a magazine. There are many hair stylists available who make their own styles and cannot copy the hair style in the picture. This might turn out to be a disaster, so it is advised to not stick to a hair style one has seen in a newspaper or a magazine.

Check the products being used

The hairdresser Melbourne makes use of various different kinds of products and services which helps in providing attractive styles to the hair. So, one should also make sure that they check the products and services being used by them. There are many different products which might not suit your hair, so checking all this in advance would help in making sure that the hair remains in the same condition.

Give a week to the hair style to settle


No matter what hair style you get it done, but you should at least give it a week to settle down. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Livestreaming To Facebook - Hang W/ Gets Major Update On iOS

Hang W/ has launched a major update to its iOS app, which among other things, includes livestreaming directly to Facebook.
The app makes use of the recently launched iOS 7 features, and therefore requires users to have the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

SEO Services
Other additions to the app with version 2.0 include increased broadcasting times (with users being able to broadcast for either 3, 6, or 9 minutes), improved video and audio, a new color scheme and easier access to video archives.

“The mobile social market is growing rapidly,” said CEO Andrew Maltin. Live streaming represents an entirely new category and we have our eyes set on being the category innovator and the market leader. Hang w/ 2.0 is our second major step in that direction.”

“I’m so proud of our entire team,” added President and Chief Creative Officer Dave Swartz. “We took a product that the market clearly embraced – and brought it to a whole new level. The user experience is simplified and a handful of really cool new features have been added to the mix. Everything in 2.0 was a request, and sometimes a demand, from our users – and from the early beta reactions we’ve gotten so far, we think people are going to love it.”

“We intend to really push the limits of what’s possible with our streaming technology,” said Maltin. “By releasing stream to Facebook, along with longer broadcasts, we’ve made it easier for our users to capture and share live moments outside of Hang w/ – and we’ve made it easier for those moments to go viral.”

Android users only recently got access to version 1.0, and will have to wait for the upgrade, but the company does say 2.0 for Android is currently in development. The two versions are compatible with one another. 1.0 just doesn’t have the full feature set.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Now You Can Say Ok Google

Earlier this year, Google showed off its new conversational search capabilities for the desktop, including the ability to perform a search by simply saying, “Ok Google,” and then your search phrase.

In May, Google released conversational search for Chrome, but it didn’t have the “Okay Google” feature. The company has now made that available, but you have to download a Chrome extension to take advantage.

Google update
The feature is kind of cool in a “wow, look what I can do” kind of way, but I’m not sure it’s entirely useful, considering that you have to go to the Google homepage (it also works from the new tab page) to use it. If you’re on another site, you have to navigate to Google, so you might as well just type in your search in the omnibox.

But hey, look what Google can do. I guess it’s a reason to keep Google open all the time. Well played, Google.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Reviews Tab For Google Places

Google has added a Reviews tab to the Places for Business interface so that businesses can look at user reviews on Google itself, as well as from other web sources in one place.

“Now you can learn what your customers are saying about your business on Google and across the web, in one place,” says senior product manager Qasar Younis. “If you have a verified business listing, you will now see your customer ratings and reviews in the easy-to-use review inbox.”

Google Update
“Reviews also allows you to start a conversation with your customers by directly responding to comments left by users on Google,” adds Young. “Are your customers happy with your service? Thank them for the kind words so they recommend you to their friends. Do they mention some areas for improvement? Ask them for suggestions so they visit you again.”

To use the feature, you just need to have a verified business. If your’e not verified, you can get go here to start the process.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

One Step From LinkedIn Today To LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn announced today that it is replacing its social news product LinkedIn Today with LinkedIn Pulse, which is based on the Pulse news reader app that the company acquired earlier this year. The Pulse app itself is also getting updated.

LinkedIn’s Ankit Gupta writes on the company blog, “Pulse and LinkedIn technology have been fully integrated to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to your professional interests both on the Pulse app and on LinkedIn.com. This is just the first step of many we will be taking to ensure you’re getting a consistent and seamless content experience that is tailored to you. Starting today, LinkedIn Pulse will become the main vehicle for our social news experience across mobile and desktop and will replace LinkedIn Today.”

LinkedIn Update

“In addition to a brand new visual refresh of the Pulse app, now social actions like commenting and liking on Pulse are possible for the first time and will sync with your LinkedIn.com experience,” Gupta adds. “Any channels you follow on LinkedIn will also automatically sync across your Pulse app experience. It also means that the professional news you’ve come to expect and rely on from LinkedIn just got better — infused with added discovery and navigation functionality as well as expanded publisher content.”

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Think Again To Get The Attention Of YouTuber's With Longer Video

YouTube UpdateIf you think that it’s impossible to hold a YouTuber’s attention with a longer video, think again.

According to YouTube reps speaking at a closed partners event this week, more then one-third of all of the video viewing time on the site comes from videos that are longer than 20 minutes (via GigaOm). It appears that many users’ attention spans are a bit longer than the cats we believed were dominating YouTube’s most popular content.

Also, YouTube revealed that over one-third of all searches on the site are news-related queries.

While this is good news for humanity (we’re actually interested in long-form videos…and news!), it’s even better news for YouTube and the various channels on the site that are looking to focus on serious, in-depth original content. Remember, YouTube has been putting a lot of effort into building up channels on the site, hoping that users will want to follow creators that produce fresh, original videos. Back in May, YouTube unveiled the paid channels pilot, allowing a select few partners charge a small fee of users to view certain videos. Recent reports indicated that the paid channels may be off to a slow start, however.

Just a couple of weeks ago, YouTube expanded the paid channels initiative in a big way by allowing any account in good standing with over 10,000 subscribers to put a price on their content.

YouTube began expanding the length limit for all videos posted a few years ago (remember, it used to be 10 minutes). It currently sits at fifteen minutes for all users, and the length limit isn’t capped at all if you request an increase and verify your account.

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Friday, 8 November 2013

4 Google Changes That Online Merchant Should Adapt

Google updates its search algorithm more than 500 times a year. For cumulative Google algorithm changes, Moz has a handy Google algorithm change history page, which highlights changes since 2000.

If you're looking to catch up on Google's most recent changes, here is a quick summary with pointers on how online merchants can still maintain a profit using Google.


The most controversial change Google has made recently involves increasing user privacy for Google searches through increased search encryption. For SEO professionals and online retailers, more organic search encryption translates to less available keyword data on Google Analytics, and more "(not provided)" keywords.

The amount of "(not provided)" data on Google is now at 81 percent:


Although online merchants can't find as much organic keyword data on Analytics, there are still multiple ways to find visitor data from organic search.

Here are three ways online merchants or advertisers can find search data (check out the full post here):

Use Google Webmaster Tools.
Consider Anchor text.
Delve into Google AdWords.
Google Shopping Product Listing Ads Local Availabilitygoogle-local-pizza

Local search is becoming a bigger priority for Google, something which Google's local update highlighted early this month. Google added local availability and local storefront features to Product Listing Ads, broadening online search information on local stores, and giving searchers access to local storefronts with product information.

Here are some steps online merchants should take to address the Google local update:

Optimize your Google+ Local Business Page.
Audit and augment your Google feed, as it powers both local storefronts and PLAs.
Include business images for the Google Carousel.
Send consistent business information to Google (as well as other search engines), and social profiles (Yelp, Facebook, Zagat).

Google Hummingbird



The arrival of Google's newest algorithm, Hummingbird, is designed to refine search results and Google's search Knowledge Graph. Although announced in September, the update was running for a month before Google officially announced it.

In addition to increasing search result speed, Hummingbird is designed to refine results for searches which mimic verbal speech, or conversational search.

Here are some steps online merchants should take to address the Google Hummingbird update:

Refine your SEO strategy to reflect verbal search (read: create quality, relevant, and original content).
Build content and product information around user needs.
Consider expanding and revisiting your customer and reader personas.shared-endorsements

This month Google begins using Google+ user information to accompany products in the form of user reviews, advertisements, and similar material. For users, this update can be a bit disconcerting, but mimics a similar Facebook policy. For online merchants, this underlines the importance of both Google+ and customer reviews.

Here are some steps online merchants should take to address the Google+ update:

Set up or refine your Google+ business page.
Engage with users across social, especially on Google+.
Provide good quality products and customer service.
Encourage customer reviews through sites like Ekomi and via Comparison Shopping Engines.

Do You Hate YouTube Comment Box?

Youtube Comment BoxOn Wednesday, Google announced that it is finally implementing the YouTube comment system change that users and video providers have been anticipating. They’ve moved to a Google+-powered commenting system, further tying YouTube to Google’s larger “social layer”.

With the new system, Google says the comments “you care about” move to the top. Google knows what you care about. Got it?

In reality, users will see posts at the top of the list from the video’s creator, popular personalities, “engaged discussions” about the video, and of course, people from your Google+ Circles. You do still have the option to see the most recent comments by switching from “top comments” to “newest first”.

The system also enables you to adjust the privacy level of your own comments. You can comment publicly, or only to people in your Circles. Or even just to one person. Replies are threaded like they are in Gmail.

Video owners are provided with tools to review comments before they’re posted, and can block certain words. They can also auto-approve comments from certain fans.

“If you’re like the majority of people commenting on YouTube, you’ve already connected your account to a Google+ profile or page and can start commenting now,” says Google in a blog post.

If your haven’t connected your account, you can do so here.

“Remember, you’re in control of how you’re seen publicly on YouTube, whether that’s keeping your current YouTube channel name, using your own name, or creating a new one,” Google says.

While some, particularly Google+ users, will embrace the change (YouTube comments don’t have the greatest reputation as it is), there are clearly plenty of people, including those providing the videos that aren’t pleased with Google’s move.

While if you look at the comments on Google’s own video about the changes (above), they don’t seem too bad under the default option, but if you switch over to “newest first,” you’re going to see a lot of anger and hate. I mean a lot. Warning: you might need to take a shower after reading them.

There are likely plenty of YouTube users that simply have no desire to use Google+, and simply don’t want to have another social network forced down their throat through a product that they’ve been using for years (including for years before Google+ even existed).

Even some frequent Google+ users have expressed disdain with Google’s forcing of Google+ into its other products, including YouTube, in the past. We had a conversation with Wil Wheaton last year about this, in fact. It wasn’t about comments, but Google had been testing a Google+ like button in place of the YouTube thumbs up button, which prompted him to post a rant to his Tumblr.

When we talked to him afterwards, he said, “The only reason that matters is because it’s part of how Google will decide who gets another season of the shows they’re sponsoring,” Wheaton tells WebProNews. “I want to be very clear about this: when I made my post on Tumblr, I wasn’t even thinking of that. I was thinking about how Google is forcing people who don’t want or need Google+ to sign up and use it.”

That’s the thing. The YouTube commenting system is certainly a new way to drive more engagement to Google+. It’s not as if Google has been shy about this strategy though. The company has long positioned Google+ as the “social layer” of the larger Google, as opposed to a separate product. The phrase “Google+ is Google,” has been used by the company more than a few times.

The fact is that YouTube is part of Google (and a pretty huge part at that), and users are simply going to have to accept Google+ as part of that. Either that or find a different video site to meet their needs.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Who Will Be The New CEO Of Microsoft?

Microsoft News UpdateSince Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement back in August, Microsoft’s board has been quickly searching for someone to replace him by the end of the year.

Several candidates have popped up in the past few months, most notably Stephen Elop and Alan Mullaly (pictured). Elop is the former CEO of Nokia, which Microsoft bought shortly after Ballmer’s retirement announcement. Mullaly has been the CEO of Ford since 2006.

Today, Reuters is reporting that Microsoft has narrowed its CEO search down to just five people. The report cites unnamed “sources familiar with the matter” as stating that Microsoft originally fielded a list of 40 candidates for the position.

Elop and Mullaly are reportedly still top candidates for the position. In addition, Reuters’ sources list three Microsoft executives as possible CEO candidates – Tony Bates, Satya Nadella, and one other unnamed employee. Bates is the current EVP of Microsoft Business Development, and was formerly the CEO of Skype before its acquisition by Microsoft. Nadella is the EVP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division.

Though Microsoft was reportedly hoping to have a new CEO by the end of the year, Reuters’ sources have stated that the CEO search could still “take a few more months.” That report also states that unnamed “sources familiar with the conversations” have revealed that the board’s CEO search committee has been “speaking with” dissenting shareholders during the search.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A New Way To Make Money Online Offered By Google Helpouts

Google UpdatesGoogle has officially announced the launch of Google Helpouts after several months of teasing us about what we’d be in for. Essentially, it’s a new offering that people and businesses can use to make money via live social video.

We first learned about Helpouts back in July, and then in August, Google started inviting people to create them.

Google VP, Engineering, Udi Manber writes in a blog post, “What if getting help for a computer glitch, a leaky pipe, or a homework problem was as easy as clicking a button? What if you could connect via real-time video to a music teacher or a yoga instructor from the comfort of your home? What if you could get someone knowledgeable to get you ‘unstuck’ when you really need it?”

That’s the idea of Helpouts from the user perspective. Google has long been a place where people can search for “how to” content. Demand Media has made a killing offering that kind of content, and dominating Google search results over the years. In fact, since Google’s Panda update, that company has put an even greater emphasis on “how to” video content from experts. This appears to be Google competing directly with this type of content. And I wonder if Google would ever surface Helpouts in web search results.

Of course, Helpouts are a bit different by their very nature. They’re live. Still, users can search for helpouts by topics.

Say you need help fixing a toilet. Just search “fixing a toilet,” and Google will give you results for available hangouts. It will show you the price per helpout (sometimes they’re free) and/or the price per minute. It will also show you the next available time for a particular Helpout. If there is no time found, you have the option to request a time.

As you can see from the above example, Helpout providers can include an intro video that users can watch even if they can’t get right to the live Helpout. The provider can provide other necessary business information, like specifics about what their service will cover. The provider’s Google+ profile and picture are directly integrated, which probably means potential boosts in Google+ followers, which one would think would send Google search additional signals. Something to think about.

According to Google, the main benefits of giving Helpouts are immediate global reach, convenience and flexibility and of course, getting paid. Could a boost in authority also be in the cards?

Providers can price the Helpouts as they see fit. You can charge a fixed price per Helpout or a per-minute rate. Google Wallet is integrated as the payment method.

You can schedule the Helpouts for a time that fits your schedule, and you can do it from the desktop or from mobile.

The offering is available to both individuals and brands. Google already has brands like Sephora, One Medical, Weight Watchers, Redbeacon (a Home Depot comany) and Rosetta Stone on board.

“Today is just the beginning,” says Manber. “We’re starting small and in a few categories. The number of people giving help on Helpouts and the type of help available will grow over time. Helpouts may not be suitable for every occasion, and it will take time to get used to interactions via real time video. We hope that the efficiency, convenience and global reach of Helpouts will make people’s lives easier in the long term.”

This could be the start of something pretty big. There are other services out there that enable this kind of face to face training. PopExpert, for example, has been around for over a year.

But being that Helpouts comes from Google, where businesses and individuals are already connected in a variety of ways (to Google and among each other), Helpouts is likely to have a substantial impact.

Google itself provides a money back guarantee on all Helpouts. First, they’ll recommend that users try to get refunds from the Helpout providers if the helpout is not satisfactory, but if they refuse the user’s request, Goole will step in and issue a refund. To be eligible for a refund, however, users must not opt out from having their Helpout session recorded, because Google uses that to review these cases. More on the refund process here.

Google says Helpouts may be recorded for quality assurance purposes, in response to abuse reporting, and for customer retention and provider retention.

“If the Customer and Provider explicitly agree to the retention recording by opting-in before the Helpout commences, the Helpout will be recorded,” Google says. “Neither party may alter the recording in any way, except to clarify (visibly or audibly) what transpired in the Helpout. The retention recording will be made available for private use by the Provider and Customer only.”

Google also notes that Helpouts marked “health service” will not be recorded for the purpose of retention.

Users and providers alike are are allowed to capture stills from the Helpout session.

There are age restrictions on Helpouts. Users have to be at least thirteen, and providers have to be at least eighteen.

ight now, Google offers the following Helpouts categories: Arts and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education and Careers, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health and Home and Garden. If what you do doesn’t fit into any of these, stay tuned.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

3 More Days For iGoogle

Google announced in July of last year that it would be shutting down iGoogle, its personalized homepage product. The announcement came in one of the company’s semi-regular “spring cleaning” announcements, despite being in the summer.

Google is able to shut down some products with little outcry. Other times, Google upsets users by taking away services that they love. The biggest case of this was probably Google Reader, which was officially killed earlier this year. iGoogle, however, appears to have its share of fans as well.

Unfortunately for them, iGoogle will officially go away in three days. If you go there now, you’ll see a message like this:


We wrote about the pending demise of iGoogle about a month ago, and the comments have trickled in ever since, with users expressing their disdain.

“Extremely disappointed that my iGoogle is being taken away. What is the point of taking away something that people use and like? Yahoo, here I come,” said one reader.

Yahoo, perhaps trying to capitalize on Google’s move (and knowing the value of a good homepage), recently released an updated version of its My Yahoo product, complete with an iGoogle import tool. This is, however, only one of many alternatives on the market.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The New Snowden Leak Reveals How The NSA Hacks Yahoo And Google?

One of the very first Snowden leaks alerted the world to the existence of PRISM – a program where the NSA is given access to the servers of major tech companies like Google, Yahoo and more. That particular program is supposedly operated with the consent of these companies, but a new leak suggests that the agency is also going behind these companies’ backs.

The latest Snowden leak, as reported by The Washington Post, shines light on a program called MUSCULAR. In short, it’s a joint effort between the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ to break into and take information from Google’s and Yahoo’s servers.
What kind of information can the NSA access through this? According to the report, the agency gathered email metadata alongside other content, like audio and video. Infact, the leaked report said that the NSA gathered over 181 million records from Google’s and Yahoo’s servers in only 30 days.

Latest Google News

So, how is any of this legal? Collecting Americans’ information from the servers of tech companies is illegal, even for the NSA. According to the report, the NSA gets away this by collecting information from Google’s and Yahoo’s overseas servers. This loophole allows the agency to remain on the right side of the law as this collection is carried out through Executive Order 12333 – an executive order signed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Google and Yahoo are both understandably angry about this latest revelation, and Google says that it will continue to implement tighter encryption between the data links that connect its servers. By doing so, Google will be able to slow down, or even stop, the NSA from accessing its servers. As for Yahoo, there’s been no indication yet regarding whether or not the company is moving to encrypt the data links between its servers.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cross Media Ad Deal With Publicis By Google

Google updateGoogle has signed a multi-million cross-media advertising deal with Publicis Groupe, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, through its subsidiary MediaVest, a company that specializes in media planning and buying for clients like Coca-Cola, according to The Financial Times.

The deal is reportedly sealed a commitment to spend millions of dollars over the next year on YouTube, web and mobile network advertising. Many reports speculate that television will be the most impacted over time as big advertisers begin to look at online video as a viable channel to reach consumers.

“For years, the digital world has been asking for the dollars and laying out a case for why,” said Brian Terkelsen, chief executive (CEO) of MediaVest. “This is a moment in time where we are beginning to see a new level of transparency, a new level of partnership and a new appreciation of the size of the prize that is available.”

Publicis, founded in 1926 and headquartered in France, is a multi-billion company dubbed one of the “Big Four” agency companies in the world. This year, it announced plans to merge with Omnicom, also a Big Four agency and multi-billion dollar company. The deal would secure the group’s position as one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Currently, Publicis owns subsidiary companies in digital and media such as Rosetta, Rokkan and Razorfish, to name a few.

But this isn’t the first time Google has struck a deal with one of the Big Four. Advertising giant WPP based in the UK said back in April that Google was the beneficiary of $2 billion in spending for the quarter, and WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said Google would soon overtake WPP’s largest beneficiary, News Corp, which owns companies in television broadcast.

The agreement comes hot on the heels of reports that YouTube may be launching a music video service with premium and free options. The free streaming option would no doubt be a prime medium for some of those big advertisers to reach consumers.

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