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Bug issue tracking software

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Bug defect tracking is the way of finding bugs e.g. defects, problems etc in a product or project. Bugs are found by execute code, testing the development project, or get feedback from customers.
Software is a type of tools for computers, laptops and many other software devices. A bug tracking software or defect tracking software is a type of software application or tools that is designed to help keep track of data base reported software bugs in software development endeavor  It may be regarded as a type of bug issue tracking software.
Many bug tracking software, like a control system which controls all the database record about known bugs.
Having a bug tracking software is more valuable in software development, and they are used considerably by companies developing software products.
A database that records facts about known bugs is a major component of bug tracking software its allows to do
Coordinating workflow in any development project or team work involves more than just logging bugs. In addition to bugs, u just log in and check work report, project report and you can change notice on you development project. 
And beyond simply bug issue tracking software and bug defect tracking software, you have to  be able to link issues to the allies source code in yours  version control system or software, so you having knowledge about the changing of code , when and why code changed. And finally, you need the feedback of customers to close the loop.

By using bug tracking software you can deliver higher-quality products more and faster, it’s help for reducing project costs, and improve customer satisfaction you got from their feedback.

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